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Dear Friends and Loyal Patrons,

Thank you for all your support over the past nearly 24 years.

It is bittersweet to announce that Lala Rokh permanently closed for good after our final dinner service on Saturday August 11, 2018.

When we began the journey of Lala Rokh On Beacon Hill, we had several goals in mind. We wanted to provide a window into our Persian culture – which at that time was unknown to many – and provide Bostonians and visitors alike a taste of our family’s Persian cooking in an environment unlike any other.

After nearly 24 years, we are truly proud of what we accomplished and enjoyed sharing with you all the flavors and stories of our childhood.

We are immensely grateful to our mother without whom we and Lala Rokh wouldn’t exist. Mama Bina (as she’s been called by the staff) painstakingly trained chefs who knew nothing about the nuances of Persian cuisine. She visited Iran year after year—as recently as a few months ago—to bring back herbs, spices and other ingredients so essential to our authentic dishes. This is a task that is now too arduous for her to continue. We are beholden to our families who put up with our restaurant hours and especially our sister Mandana who has always been a great big sister and greeted so many of you each week. We have been blessed with amazing staff who have come through Lala Rokh’s doors and even more blessed for ones like Rene Reyes who has been with us from the start. We are grateful to our friends and neighbors on Beacon Hill who have supported us since our first restaurant in 1983 and, last but not least, a big thank you to the loyal guests of Lala Rokh since 1995.

Although we will miss Lala Rokh immensely, we feel the time has come to spend more time with our families.


Azita and Babak

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