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Private Dining and Functions
Everyday at Lala Rokh on Beacon Hill, we are truly welcoming each dining guest into our home, creating a special evening to please the stomach and the soul. Persian culture is well-known for its gracious hospitality, and for your next special occasion, whether it is a family gathering or a business meeting, allow us to create a distinctive dining experience for you and your guests of up to 125 people.

Nestled in the historic and charming Beacon Hill, we are able to create menus suited to any budget, starting at $42.00 per person for a three-course meal. We offer a wide selection of wines, beers and spirits.  Each of our dining rooms are able to provide a unique private dinner for their respective capacities. Additionally, you can reserve the entire restaurant and we offer audio-visual rental, floral arranging, and valet service at 65 Charles Street.

For a complimentary consult for your event call us at 617-720-5511 or email us at info@lalarokh.com.

Thematic Scheme of the Restaurant
In collaboration with Sandra Fairbanks Design, we have created three private and semi private function rooms that vary in size and style. A soothing color of Historic Yellow on the walls and a rich tone of grey-blue for the carpet have been employed to uniform all the separate rooms. Gentle colors of green and gold on the banquets distinguish the rooms. An array of revolving, museum quality Persian collections adorn the walls of each room and its respective capacity.

You are led into our dining rooms through coridor with a display of an important collection of unique impressions of vintage 19th-century prints by two of the earliest Persian photographers, Antoin-Khan Sevruguin and Abdullah Qajar, together with original European portrait prints of Persian ambassadors to the courts of Constantinople and Prague of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Qajar Dynasty Room
Decorated with a (virtually) unique series of photographs by H.W. von Busse, 1932 of the ancient city of Persopolis.  From 1928-1934 Ernst Herzfeld, the great German archaeologist, was in charge of the excavations & restoration of Persepolis on behalf of the German Archaeological Institute.  Hans Wichart Rudolf Busso Wolrad von Busse was official photographer to this archaeological expedition from 1933 to 1934.  We are pleased that it has been able to acquire von Busse’s entire collection of almost 1000 photographs as well as his archives and here we exhibit a great representation of this unique collection.

Capacity: 16-28 persons seated

Textile and Tapestry Room
Vibrant colored textiles and tapestries of the late 18th and 19th century juxtaposed with original Persian miniatures of the Safavid Dynasty (late 13th-17th centuries) as well as original prints from the mid-19th century of Persian ornament by the English artist Owen Jones.

Capacity: 30-44 persons seated

Persian Topography & Still Life Paintings Room
A foundation support beam divides the largest of the three dining rooms. The smaller section is decorated with prints by European visitors from the 16th to 19th centuries illustrating historic Persian cities such as Isfahan, Qom, Kashan, Bandar-e Abbas, and Tehran (including a unique original drawing by the famous 17th-century traveler Jean Chardin). The larger section features five previously unknown pure still-life paintings of the Qajar period (ca. 1810) as well as two extremely rare miniatures of flowers from the short-lived Asfharid dynasty (early 18th century).

Capacity: 50-60 persons seated

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